So… I know this page is supposed to be all about me and how I can help you increase leads, sales and retention with digital marketing.

I’ll get to that — I promise.

But allow me to talk about you for a hot second.

Specifically, allow me to talk about what may be holding you up from tremendous business growth.

Maybe you’ve hired a team member or two? Maybe you’ve hired dozens of team members?  Maybe you’re flying solo?

You’ve taken an idea and turned it into a business. You’ve learned to grow your business using digital marketing by voraciously consuming and implementing digital marketing strategy and tactics you’ve learned from:

  • Online Courses
  • Podcasts
  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Conferences

… and anything else you (or your team) could find.

Each of the methods listed above are incredibly powerful (and very low cost) ways to gain knowledge.

But they all have one major problem in common. Courses, podcasts, books and everything else that delivers low-cost (or no cost) information to a mass audience are unable to consider:

YOUR circumstances.

What offers and products should you make? What traffic tactics and tweaks should you employ? What email sequences should you run? What content should you create? What metrics should you be measuring?

This is not a knock on information products like courses, books and conferences. Quite the contrary. To survive in this business, you (or your team) must continue to gain knowledge from these sources.

But, you’ve moved beyond these sources being sufficient to grow your business. As Marshall Goldsmith (A business consultant with a 6-figure price tag) says in his New York Times Best Selling book:

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

It’s maddening to search for and through courses, books, conferences and more trying to find the right solutions to your problems.  These sources of knowledge are built for the masses.  By definition, these sources of knowledge do not (and cannot) consider your business.

This is a problem for a business at your stage.

What you need is solutions and advice that fit your circumstances.  You need solutions and advice from someone that has taken the time to get to know you, your team and your business.

“Ok, how can you help?”

The short answer is that I’ve designed a service called Digital Advisor (more on this in a second) that gets you the custom solutions, answers and advice you need in an affordable package.

The long answer is that, just like you, I have superpowers.  I have things that I’m good at – and things I’m not so good at.  There are projects that I absolutely love to work on and projects I avoid like the plague. 🙂

When I got started as a freelance digital marketer back in 2006, I would take on projects that involved anything and everything (hey… I needed the money!) but I’ve come to realize two things:

  1. That’s not a good idea
  2. That’s a bad idea

It’s far better (for both you and I) if I only take on projects where I am certain that I can add value.  So… I’ve made some guidelines that you should be aware of before reaching out about working together:

  • I can’t help you get rich while you sleep – I’m not a “4-Hour Workweek” kinda guy.  I believe it takes work to get results and I’ll expect you and your team to be involved and invested in the business.  While I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do a bit of implementation and execution — I am not offering a “done for you” service here.
  • You’ll need to spend money to make money – I want to be careful here because this cliché is sometimes used to justify frivolous spending.  That said, if the idea of investing in advertising, content and consulting fees makes you cringe – I’m afraid it isn’t going to work out between us. 🙂
  • You must be a legitimate business – I believe there is a skeezy side to business and, if you don’t agree, you are likely part of that skeezy side.  I want to work with businesses that deserve to win.  I want to work with businesses that care for their customers.  All others need not apply. 🙂

Still here?  Good!

“So… how do I know you’re worth hiring?”

I got started in this business back in 2004.  I was working in direct mail marketing when my boss called me into his office and asked me a simple question:

“Why aren’t we showing up in Google when I type in our products?”

I left his office, hopped on the Internet to get some answers and found my calling in life.  I’ve never looked back.  I cut my teeth in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising and have become adept at each and every discipline of digital marketing over the years.

Along the way I’ve worked alongside some of the most incredibly talented marketers in the world on some of the most incredibly successful web properties online.  I’ve done the work.  I’ve put in the hours.  I’ve fought the dragons.  If you’re goal is growth in an online environment, chances are I can clear obstacles for you in minutes that could take years on your own.

Digital Marketing for DummiesThis isn’t my first rodeo.  I’m approaching veteran status in the digital marketing game having done this work for 100’s of businesses including the likes of, Crazy Egg and DigitalMarketer and I have the scars to prove it.  In fact, Ryan Deiss and I wrote the book on digital marketing. (Pictured here)

This is a long-winded way of saying that I’m old older. 🙂

I have a track record for getting results.  And by results, I don’t mean more “Likes” on Facebook or better rankings on Google.  For me, the only results that matter are:

  1. More leads
  2. More sales
  3. Higher retention

These are the three “Growth Levers” we have at our disposal as marketers.  I’m not claiming that it isn’t important to do things like control costs, fix your hiring process or audit your accounting practices.

But, that’s not what I do. 🙂

“How does the Digital Advisor program work?”

Every prospective Digital Advisor client will begin with a Discovery Call.  There is no charge for this call.

On the Discovery Call, we will discuss the following:

  1. Your organization’s goals
  2. The existing assets (offers, traffic, content, people, etc.) you have in place to meet those goals
  3. Your ideal customer

If I know I can help you meet your goals and you agree to move forward, I will become the Digital Advisor to you or one of your team members.

The Digital Advisor program includes:

  • Custom Consulting –  No more guessing what to do and when to do it.  We’ll have a 90-minute call each month to discuss your circumstances and lay out the plan of attack over the next 30 days.
  • Ongoing Support – You’ll have ongoing access to me in a private Slack channel (a messaging and file sharing platform) so we can troubleshoot problems as you implement the plan.
  • Custom recommendations on resources – I will prescribe extremely relevant resources (courses, books, etc) if I think they are necessary to meet the objective.  No more hunting for the right course, book, etc.
  • Access to my network – The right tactic will move the needle incrementally but the right connection often leads to explosive growth.  As I said, I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve made many friends over the years that could microwave your results.

As I said before, I will only take on projects where I am certain that I can add value.  My intention is to provide immediate ROI of at least 5X your investment.  If, at any time, you feel you aren’t getting ROI from the Digital Advisor program, you can (and should) cancel the engagement.

“Sounds good.  How can I learn more?”

If it’s business growth you’re after and you’d like to set up a Discovery Call, fill out the form below.

P.S.  If it’s the right fit, I will take on clients for custom consulting.  If you’re interested in discussing that, please fill out the form below as well.

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